pythia basilica



PYTHIA BASILICA is a conversation within a space, an ongoing and open invitation to partake in explorations of cultural and psychological evolution inside ritually maintained walls. a forum for the philosophically and spiritually inspired to inquire and expound upon everyday phenomena. a space for sharing and healing, pythia basilica is currently located in beautiful Bed-Stuy, in a light- and plant-filled apartment patrolled by our Queen Cat and magical apprentice / familiar, Pantera.

pythia basilica is maintained by Taylor Yates, a communications-trained lightworker. born by an LA lake with Southern and European heritage, she has spent much of this and many previous lives in seclusion studying and analyzing behavioral patterns, dreamscapes, rituals, trauma & abuse, magic, race / queerness / identity, and transformation. she is entrenched in studies of human behavior and commununity. certified Reiki level II, Taylor is dedicated to holding space for the vulnerable.





chart readings

explore your astrological imprints and potentials through several chart reading options, including natal, solar return, event, composite, and more. thorough examination and analysis of sun / moon / rising identities, north node + life purpose, south node + karma, aspects and themes, anaretic degrees, ancestral inheritances, patterns and psychology, and more. take yours home, hand-drawn with notes on archival paper. framed for an extra fee. 

card readings

connect with your path on a visual plane through a tarot reading. layered imagery and a narrative approach give tangible insight to past, present, and future situations, opportunities, and matters of the heart. pull three cards as a routine check-up, or go further inward with a ten-card Celtic cross - readings are easily tailored to your curiosity.

weekly Check-in

for the person who feels like they never really know how to get the most out of horoscopes, hand over your birth stats and let the rest unfold in your inbox. receive insight tailored to the transits in your very particular personal chart to understand how aspects affect you in real time. one text or email per week with bonus personalized moon phase updates for upcoming new and full moons. 

energy clearings

Reiki is a beautiful and restorative way to explore the roots of our blockages and clear ourselves of energetic residue. sessions include an assessment of goals and progress and often involve visions or other supersensory experiences. includes exploration of themes and ends with take-home assignments. 


bring in your birth info, or the information for a particular important event, and we will discuss and explore the topic(s) of your choice! can be as broad or specific as you choose - use one session to develop basic chart literacy, or several to cover the individual personalities and potentials of houses, planets, centaurs, asteroids, solar returns, retrogrades, and more.

can I refer you to my friends?
— Cameron





tutoring - 60 min


natal chart analysis - 75 min




weekly Check-in - per month


Solar return + natal chart - 90 min



$12 / 25 / 60

tarot - per session - 15 / 30 / 60 min


reiki II 60 / 90 MIN


treat yo self - reiki & solar return + natal chart birthday combo - 120 min



rates are based on a sliding scale, no one is turned away for lack of funds :)

sessions 60 min + require a 50% deposit but rescheduling is flexible!





want to ask a question, book a service, or propose a custom session? fill out the form and I'll get back to you within 48 hours.