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PYTHIA BASILICA is a conversation within a space, an ongoing and open invitation to partake in explorations of cultural and psychological evolution inside ritually maintained walls. what began as an idea amongst friends - that through honest and open examination, we can evolve beyond our inherited traumas in order to create a new order, a new compassion - has become a forum for the philosophically and spiritually inspired to inquire and expound upon everyday phenomena. a space for sharing, understanding, voicing, and healing, pythia basilica is a sunlit urban grotto in Bed-Stuy that offers peace amongst the bustle as a means to reach new intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels. here, we gather to communicate. it is also a space where we create tangible healing solutions in the forms of ritual waters and oils - potions. through the transference of energy, from the elements in the sky to the elements between bodies, healing and transformation are within our reach.

pythia basilica is maintained by Taylor Yates, a multidisciplinary intuitive healing practitioner. born in the Los Angeles desert with New Orleans Voodoo, Native American, and African heritage, she has spent much of her lifetime unpacking generations of cultural, racial, and ancestral inheritances in order to find her truest, deepest path. governed by the outer planets, she has put in countless hours studying and understanding generational behavioral patterns, specifically pertaining to Black Motherhood and post-traumatic slave syndrome, trauma & abuse,  and race / queerness / identity. growing up under the tutelage of her psychiatrist father, she has developed a thorough lexicon of dream symbols and visual meaning and regularly experiences visions while administering healing practices. through her ongoing studies, she is committed to overcoming her many layers of oppressive patriarchal bandages to free the gifts passed down to her through ancestral healers and magic workers. using an intuitive blend of astrology, tarot, and Reiki (certified level II), Taylor is dedicated to assisting her community in accessing inner truth in order to transform our worlds and spaces. 






healer's choice

with ten years' tarot experience, Reiki II certification with a full year's practice, and an endless thirst for astrological knowledge, I enjoy using my intuition to provide a unique combination of the three that best suits each individual client. this time with me tends to run between 2 to 3 hours due to the intimate nature of the healing work, conversational openness, and the spontaneity I may utilize when working with you. each session will conclude with journal prompts / exercises and other take-home materials based on our specific work together. 


can I refer you to my friends?
— Cameron

strictly tarot

let's look at your visual narrative as deeply as you'd like to delve. 

flexible based on individual needs

strictly astro

let's talk about your astral trajectory and areas of focus.

$ 40/ hr

strictly reiki

let's work with your energy field and elevate it to new heights.

$60 / hr

very much open to trade & sliding scale | QTPOC encouraged to inquire



practical magic

ritual is what helps us build structure; it can also help us unbuild trauma and scarring. through developing focus and intention on that which ails us, and dedicating our energy toward transforming our wounds into wonders, we can do powerful reconstructive work on our narratives, overturning patterns and spinning blockages into building blocks. using purified element water collected year-round during prime astrological transits, and locally and ethically sourced essential oils and natural artifacts, I develop ritual water focused on specific needs and desires. these potent potions are for those who are ready to excavate their ancestral traumas, develop personal agency, and manifest the fullness of their inherited magic and potential.

I am currently producing four variants of ritual waters:

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available as water or oil / contains crystals you can add to your altar when you are finished / $13





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